Statement On Racism and Lewiston Situation

AUGUSTA – Maine GOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas released the following statement after reviewing all the information available as it relates to the controversy in Lewiston last week:

“A couple of things are now clear to me. One –  the trust of the people of Lewiston has been lost.

Two – while our state party, and I personally, stand vehemently opposed to racism or sexism, this incident has brought great pain to some people.

As someone who has been treated very poorly at times in my life because of my own heritage, I cannot allow this to go unaddressed. We have to do better. All of us.

Through my leadership team, we will be undertaking a review and consideration of any actions we might be able to take to prevent such harmful incidents in the future. With thousands of local elected offices up throughout a single election cycle, it is not reasonable to believe we can vet every local candidate, but we can set more clear expectations about the harsh consequences we believe are necessary for such harmful actions.

Our work may include reaching out to those we have sharp political disagreements with to establish greater communication and understanding.

We must all stand together to preserve a Maine that is opposed to discrimination, opposed to hatred, and that offers a bright, safe and free future for generations to come.”


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