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Joe Biden’s time is up

Joe Biden can no longer hide from Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault. Despite Biden’s best efforts to ignore his accuser, the accusations are finally starting to get the attention they deserve.

Democrat double standards are on full display as the party finds itself “in an awkward position of vigorously validating women who come forward with their stories while defending the man who will be their standard-bearer in…the most important election of their lifetimes.” Biden, hidden away in his basement as his scandal grows to unavoidable proportions, is “saying nothing about the allegation.” 

Adding to the rampant hypocrisy: Biden’s all-female VP shortlist. Featuring famed 2020 losers like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, it could double as a list of political figures who most vocally proclaimed to “believe all women” during the Kavanaugh confirmation. Their silence on the Tara Reade allegations proves that their partisanship comes before believing women.

Bottom Line: If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats owe Mainers an answer to Tara Reade’s shocking allegations.

Waldo County Republican Committee

County Leadership

Chair: Joan Petersen
Vice-Chair: Kristi Philbrook
Treasurer: Stephanie Hinckley
Secretary: Evelyn Littlefield
Finance Chair: Gerry Knight

Upcoming County Events

Aug. 20th Freedom Days – Waldo County Republican Candidates MARYANNE KINNEY (State Senate), TODD BOISVERT (Sheriff), SCOTT CYRWAY (House Dist. 63) in the parade which lines up behind P.O. at 9:30 am with the parade at 10:00 am. 7 am-2 pm features craft and vendor tables.

Aug. 21 – 3:00 pm.Sunday. In-person MaineGOP Poll Watcher Training with Sharon Bemis. at the Waldo County Republican HQ, 230 Searsport Ave, Belfast. All who want to be an active participant in election integrity are encouraged to attend. Show up or pre-register at: https://gopvictory.com

Aug. 27 – Sat 2-5pm at Gesner Park in Monroe (rte 139). Meet and Greet Republican candidates TODD BOISVERT (Sheriff) and DAVE THOMPSON (Co. Commissioner), MARYANNE KINNEY (State Senate), and BEN HYMES (House Dist.38) and REAGAN PAUL (House Dist. 37) Games and food. ALL WELCOME

Aug. 31 – 5-7pm Waldo Town Hall, Rte 131, Waldo. Meet and Greet Republican candidates MARYANNE KINNEY (State Senate), TODD BOISVERT (Sheriff), BEN HYMES (House Dist. 38), and DAVE THOMPSON (Co. Commissioner). Refreshments. ALL WELCOME

Sept. 2 – Meet and Greet the Candidates TODD BOISVERT (Sheriff) and DAVID THOMPSON (Co. Commissioner), STEPHEN J. HEMENWAY (House Dist. 39), and JOE MCLAUGHLIN (House Dist. 40) at the American Legion Post #43, 143 Church St., Belfast, Friday, Sept 2 from 4-7:00pm. While you are there, support the American Legion by attending their usual Friday night supper which will be Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, and caesar salad. They will hold a meat raffle at 5:30. ALL WELCOME

Sept. 1-5 – Blue Hill Fair.  If you are going, be sure to look for MARYANNE KINNEY and also the Hancock County Republicans table.

Sept. 17 – Thorndike Parade 10:00am.  Meet and Greet the Candidates. MARYANNE KINNEY (State Senate) and TODD BOISVERT (Sheriff) and BEN HYMES (House Dist.38)

Sept. 25 – Friends of Republicans Support the Red Wave Fundraiser. 2-6 pm Searsmont Community Center, 37 Main St. S, Searsmont. Candidates, Live Music, Food, Live Auction, Alcohol free. Special Guest! $25 per-person

FMI/Tickets stop at HQ or call 207-570-6155.