Maine GOP Will Nullify RCV In Presidential Primary

AUGUSTA – Today the Maine Republican Party is officially announcing the party’s nullification of the Ranked-Choice Voting process in the upcoming Presidential Primary Election process.

“Ranked-Choice Voting is widely opposed by voters in Maine, especially Republicans,” said Maine GOP Chairman Hon. Joel Stetkis. “Our party rules are clear, and we will only recognize the first round of primary election results under our delegate allocation rules.”

“One person, one vote is a sacred principle to Republicans, and it should be to all Americans. That principle is what we are defending here in this party primary,” said Stetkis. “For this process, which decides how our delegates to the national convention are allocated, it will remain in place. We will not recognize any ranked-choice voting totals produced in the second, third or any later rounds by the Maine Secretary of State. They might as well not even waste Mainers’ hard earned tax dollars to run the tabulations.”

The Maine GOP earlier this week notified the Republican National Committee as part of the state party’s filing with the national party regarding the Presidential primary and Republican National Convention process.


Maine Republican Party Convention Rule 5.2 clearly lays out the rules for Maine Delegate Allocation.

Both the current 2022 and proposed 2024 Maine Republican Party Platforms call for the repeal of RCV.



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