Proposed 2024 Party Platform

Below is the link to the proposed 2024 Maine Republican Party Platform, which will be considered at the 2024 Maine Republican Party Convention, and the form Republicans may use to propose amendments to the proposed platform.

Draft 2024 Maine Republican Party Platform (pdf)

Please use the form below to submit your information and attach any proposed amendments to the platform using the file attachment function at the bottom of the form.

This form is for platform amendments only, if you would like to share a suggestion, air a grievance, or anything other than a platform amendment please email [email protected].

When making an Amendment please make sure to add the Plank number and the number within the Plank that you are proposing to amend.  Amendments cannot be accepted if the number of the Plank and number within the Plank are not included in your Amendment.  

2024 Platform Amendments

Use this form to submit your proposed amendments.

Max. file size: 100 MB.