We crippled the destructive carbon tax

Rep. Deane Rykerson’s attempt to impose a 40 cent per gallon “carbon tax” on gas and heating oil is crippled.

Instead of a $600 million tax hike, your voices were heard, and it is now being turned into a “study” for future legislatures to review.

When we started fighting this bill, more than half the Democrats, including Speaker Sara Gideon (shame on her!) had signed on as cosponsors. They are now running away from the bill as fast as they can in the face of strong opposition from hard-working Maine people.

Yesterday, on the day of the hearing, more than 60 people testified in opposition to this destructive tax. Only two people, Rep. Rykerson and one other, testified in support.

Opponents to the bill filled overflow rooms after the committee room filled up.

Together, we saved Maine’s people and small businesses from one of the largest tax hikes in Maine history, and economic ruin.

I want to give a special thank you to Cathy Nichols, our Policy Outreach Director, for working with so many people to oppose this bill, and really educating people about what this bill would do. She was on the job early, and reached out to tens of thousands of people raising opposition to this carbon tax.

Also, Maine GOP Vice Chair Nick Isgro for rallying everyone to the hearing and making sure their voices were heard.

Several groups also got involved fighting this bill, including Maine People Before Politics, the Free Maine Campaign, Restoring Maine’s Future and Patriot PAC.

But most importantly all of you, who spoke up, signed our petition, sent in testimony or braved the cold to give the Legislature’s Energy Committee your perspective on Rep. Rykerson’s destructive proposal.

We have a lot more work to do, and the path is still long and dark to protect Maine’s economy from terrible liberal proposals, but today we proved that we can, and will, mobilize to fight back and win.

So to everyone who raised their voices, and to the groups that joined the fight to protect Maine’s hard-working people – THANK YOU!

Now, we move forward and prepare for another battle.

God bless.

Dr. Demi Kouzounas
Chair Maine GOP

P.S. – None of this is possible without your continued support. Please consider joining Count Me In and making a small monthly contribution to our efforts, or making a one-time contribution to show your support and help us keep fighting.


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