Statement on Senate Tax Reform Vote

AUGUSTA–Today, upon Senate passage of its version of tax relief, Maine Republican Party executive director Jason Savage released the following statement:

“Our hats are off to Senator Collins for helping move this challenging process along, despite the unfair and misleading attacks being made by outside special interest groups. The bill the Senate passed today contains many family-friendly, worker-friendly, and small business-friendly reforms–despite what dishonest critics say. The bill the Senate passed is not final, but represents progress in improving the tax code–Thank you Senator Collins.

Sadly but not surprisingly, Senator King yet again followed Chuck Schumer’s Democrat strategy of ‘do nothing but oppose Republicans’. Despite decades of telling Mainers he is an ‘independent’, King is anything but. Angus King’s time in Washington, D.C. has only made that more clear. He had an opportunity to move the process along to try and benefit Maine, but instead he voted to kill progress dead in its tracks–revealing he is a Democrat in every way but the letter after his name. 

Moving ahead, we have confidence Senator Collins will continue the fight to ensure a final tax relief bill is good for Maine and the small businesses we in this state rely on.

We are proud that Maine’s two Republicans in Congress support taking less money from the pockets of hard-working Americans and simplifying the tax code. Sadly, we are not surprised that Angus King and Chellie Pingree think the complicated tax code and high tax rates are just fine.”


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