RCV Has Repeatedly Missed Targets For Counting Since Primary

AUGUSTA – The Maine GOP issued the following statement in light of ranked-choice voting’s continued mess:

“This is a farce,” said Maine GOP executive director Jason Savage.

“First we were told Friday, then Monday, and then yesterday, that ranked-choice votes would be counted. Clearly RCV is not ready for prime time,” he said.

“When out-of-state forces and Democrats combine to ‘experiment’ with our government, this is what we get. It should come as no surprise. This is just the most visible failure in a long line of failures of out-of-state money and Democrat politicians in Maine.”

“What used to be simple is complicated. What used to be affordable is now expensive. What used to require few lawyers and bureaucrats now requires many. What used to be done in hours now takes days, maybe weeks. RCV has let the people of Maine down.”


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