Press Release: shifty and shady


Shady move comes as House Dem Leadership Loses Control of
Caucus, fringe wing of Democratic caucus controls conversation
and forces doomed impeachment order

AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party today is calling attention to the sanctimonious, self-righteous shift of Maine Democratic Legislative Leadership after it has become clear that the fringe wing of their caucus is in control of their message in Augusta.

“How strange, to see the Democratic caucus, which has been launching vicious political attacks for years, suddenly decide it is time to symbolically vote for civility,” said Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage.

In recent years, Democrats have been known for launching dishonest attacks on various Republican legislators.

Previous election cycles have seen candidates confined to wheelchairs attacked for not ‘standing up’ and having ‘no spine’, lawmakers being accused of wanting to poison babies, and even falsely accusing Republicans for wanting the deaths of hundreds of Maine people.

“Democrats have no standing to put forward such a resolution,” said Mr. Savage. “While our side may not always be politically correct, Democrats wrote the playbook on dirty politics here in Maine. Now that leadership has lost control of the message, however, they find themselves trying to pivot and remake themselves. But we have long memories – we can’t forget. We can go all the way back to false, vicious claims against our own party Chairman in the 1990’s.”

Democrats also need to be aware that their own transgressions, from the recent resignation of Eves’ ally Bill Brown from the MEANS board at Goodwill-Hinckley, to many others will not be excused from accountability in upcoming elections.

“Speaker Eves’ all too cozy deal at Goodwill-Hinckley is beginning to be exposed, but it will never be forgotten,” said Mr. Savage. “And hundreds of thousands of dollars in vicious, false propaganda launched by these Democrats in recent elections against Republicans gives the lie to their recent gambit to call for civility.”

“The truth is, just like Democrat claims to oppose big money in politics, which we recently saw exposed as a charade, Democrats shift from one position to another depending on how it can helps them,” said Mr. Savage. “This kind of shifty, shady politics is the real problem here in Maine. Not that an elected official simply says what is on his mind.”

The civility resolution came as Democrats were preparing to push an impeachment order which had divided the Democratic caucus, with leadership reportedly losing a grip on the extreme wing of their caucus’ sensibilities.

In the end, despite the opposition of Democratic leadership, the extreme fringe of the Democratic House caucus managed 52 votes against the Governor.

In simple terms, more than 2/3 of the Democratic House caucus wanted to impeach Governor LePage’s agenda of tax and welfare reform, lower energy costs, better education for Maine students, and smart financial management.


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