Press Release: Maine Democrats Play Cynical, Hypocritical Game With Voters, Media

For Immediate Release: 10/03/16
Contact: Nina McLaughlin, nina@mainegop.com

Maine Democrats Play Cynical, Hypocritical Game With Voters, Media AUGUSTA- Last week, after Congressman Bruce Poliquin held the CEO of Wells Fargo accountable in a Congressional hearing, telling him that the actions of Wells Fargo were completely unacceptable, Maine Democratics attacked him, while at the same time ignoring that their own Presidential candidate has received a quarter million dollars from Wells Fargo.

Following is a statement from Maine GOP Chairman Rick Bennett:

“Maine Democrats need to clean up their own backyard before attacking others,” said Chairman Bennett. “Hillary Clinton is sitting on a cool quarter million from Wells Fargo, and I don’t see them demanding she give it back. What we saw last week from Congressman Poliquin was what should be done in holding Wells Fargo accountable. Somehow, Democrats can’t see that.”

​“It appears that Maine Democrats believe that the only time anyone does the right thing is if there is a political advantage,” continued Chairman Bennett

“In Congressman Poliquin’s case, they are wrong. What we have seen from Maine Democrats tells us just how cynical, and jaded they are when it comes to doing the right thing. This situation has shone a bright light on how
they project their own behavior on others.”

In closing, Chairman Bennett called on Maine Democrats to hold their own candidates accountable for their hypocrisy and questionable deals:

“When Maine Democrats

  • call for Hillary Clinton to release the secret transcripts of her paid speeches to big banks and to turn over her deleted emails, and return the $250,000 Wells Fargo gave her.
  • when Maine Democrats call on Emily Cain to return all the Wall Street funding she has collected while claiming to oppose donations from Wall Street and…
  • when Maine Democrats call on Chellie Pingree to come clean on the Virgin Islands tax haven accounts and investments in the Chinese coal industry, among others; then, and only then, will Democrats have any standing to question anyone else’s motives.”


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