Press Release- Emily Cain: Out of State and Out of Touch

For Immediate Release: April 12, 2016
Contact: Nina McLaughlin (207) 622-6247, nina@mainegop.com

LEAK: Out-Of-Touch Emily Cain Lurks With Liberal Elite & Dark Money Billionaires At Hollywood Conclave Pushing Progressive Agenda

AUGUSTA – While the average Maine voter is probably worried about Maine’s heroin epidemic, keeping their job or paying their bills, a leaked agenda from a secretive group of liberal billionaires and dark money groups show lifelong politician and Congressional Candidate Emily Cain is more at home in California than she is here in Maine.

Read article from Politico here.

The Democracy Alliance, a shadowy dark-money group funded by America’s liberal elite charges donors $30,000 to get in the door to this event, and $200,000 in annual contributions to maintain membership in the group.

One notable attendee at this event with Ms. Emily Cain: Top George Soros political lieutenant Michael Vachon.

Jason Savage, Maine GOP Executive Director, offered his thoughts: “This appearance demonstrates how out of touch Emily Cain is with Maine people. She would rather schmooze with liberal Hollywood elites than discuss the real issues affecting Mainers, issues like loss of jobs and record deaths from heroin overdoses.”

The irony of Emily Cain’s claims to oppose this type of big money in politics should not be lost on Maine voters. In public statements and social media, Ms. Cain makes claims that this private meeting with dark-money millionaires and billionaires exposes as blatantly untrue:
“With Emily Cain in Congress, middle class Mainers will have a tenacious voice at the table to stand up for them, not big banks and wall street”

“If we’re serious about getting Congress working again, we need to end the secret money flowing to politicians in Washington,” said Cain. “I’m excited to work together with the people of Maine’s 2nd district and End Citizens United because we cannot stand by and let the voices of everyday Americans be drowned out by millionaires and billionaires.” -Emily Cain on End Citizens United endorsement

What hard-working Maine people should be asking Emily Cain is – how can she attack others for reporting legal campaign contributions from individuals while she is mingling at private meetings with dark-money groups and billionaires more than 3,000 miles from home?

Jason Savage added, “Do Maine people really believe that a lifelong politician who would rather be on the stage in Hollywood than caring about Maine people is best equipped to help them deal with their real-life concerns?”

While Maine people cope with losing friends, family and neighbors to the drug crisis and jobs to the economic impact of energy and business costs, Emily Cain is hanging with dark-money billionaires, working on issues such as diversity at the Oscarsmaking movies to support a progressive agendalegalizing drugs, and electing Democrats in the state of California.

Not only is Ms. Cain in the wrong state, ignoring the top concerns for Maine people, she is being featured by a group whose dark-money schemes are exactly the type of operation Ms. Cain has told voters she is opposed to.

“In Maine, Emily Cain claims to oppose big-money funding from Wall Street, and dark-money political groups,” said Mr. Savage. “But this report proves that when she lands in Hollywood, Ms. Cain will do the exact opposite.”


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