President Trump Is Making Space Great Again

President Trump is attending a historic rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center today, highlighting his commitment to American leadership in space and ‘Promise Kept’ to make space great again.  

Today’s Launch America is a historic event as astronauts will launch into space for the first time on American soil in nearly a decade, making this the “first-ever crewed commercial rocket launch.” NASA intends for the launch to kick off a new era of public-private exploration that will allow the United States to “accomplish great things in the final frontier.”

Since his initial National Security Strategy plan, President Trump has continually emphasized the need for American leadership and freedom of action in space to protect U.S. national security. This President expanded on his commitment to U.S. national security by signing the 2020 national defense authorization act–establishing the United States Space Force as the sixth branch of the U.S. armed forces. 

Bottom Line: While Joe Biden has led from behind on space by prioritizing a deal with China, the United States’ greatest space adversary, President Trump continues to deliver on his promise to advance American leadership in space.

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