Bad Energy Policy Costs All Of Us

I don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but you may have already heard – Maine’s electricity rates are rising again.

Before you shout and scream that the utility companies are out of control, please understand, this latest cost increase is not their choice, or their fault.

Legislative Democrats, in their race to impose some of the most crushing “green” energy policies in the nation, passed laws that required ordinary Mainers to subsidize wealthy property owners and big corporate solar companies.

The result: they cash in while we’re stuck footing the bill for dozens of solar farms around Maine.

Now, to be clear, the Republican Party has a strong, and proud, history of conservation. We value our land, our pristine environment and all that it means to our way of life.

But in this situation, Maine is going backward.

There are ways to protect our environment, deliver clean energy and keep utility rates down.

Unfortunately, for working Mainers, such an approach doesn’t fill the campaign coffers of Democrats or give Gov. Janet Mills a huge round of applause at a national “green” symposium.

So here we are. Higher electricity rates and beautiful lands, some former farms, covered in solar panels.

As we look forward to November, this is a teachable moment and an opportunity.

With Republicans in charge, these policies that are driving up rates would never have been allowed.

With a Republican majority in the 2024 election, I am very confident we can force Governor Mills to the table to undo these policies and enact something that makes sense.

Our policies must remain practical for Maine people and protect our state. Maine is both where we are, and who we are.

I know that it’s tough to read about a rate hike and then be asked for money, but right now, I’m asking you to make a small investment in Maine’s future.

In a few short months we will need to push harder than ever, chase every ballot and contact every targeted voter with the goal of a majority in Augusta.

A new Secretary of State, a new Attorney General. A new Speaker of the House. A new Senate President. All within our reach.

A majority legislature that can tell Janet Mills to come sit down and fix this mess, because we control the purse strings and Maine people will no longer stand for this crusade her party has been on.

To do it, we still need to raise the funds to win, so I’m asking you today to join our Capture the Gavel program and commit to a small monthly donation to help us win the Legislature.

It is not an exaggeration to say we are very close to winning a majority in the Legislature. By my estimates, less than a couple thousand votes in a few spots will make the difference.

Your support makes all the difference, my fellow Mainer and Patriot.

Thank you for all that you do.


Hon. Joel Stetkis

Chair, Maine GOP



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