Maine GOP Thanks USM President Glenn Cummings For Promise To Protect Free Speech On Campus

Maine GOP Thanks USM President Glenn Cummings For Promise To Protect Free Speech On Campus

Phone consultation with USM President positive, affirms University’s 
commitment to speech on all sides welcome on campus

AUGUSTA – Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage released the following statement following a phone conversation with USM President Glenn Cummings.

“I want to thank President Glenn Cummings for taking the time to speak with me, and for his promise to ensure that the event we were discussing will take place without obstruction,” said Jason Savage, Executive Director of the Maine GOP.

“We have been deeply concerned that a group of aggressive protesters were trying to force USM to shut down a speaking appearance by a conservative state lawmaker being planned by a student group,” said Mr. Savage. “These protesters’ belief that the campus should shut down an event that presents a viewpoint they disagree with is flat-out wrong.”

“President Cummings’ affirmation and promise that USM will remain a faithful guardian of free speech on campus is inspiring to me,” said Mr. Savage. “Higher education administrators across our great nation should look to President Cummings as an example of the courage, integrity and steadfast commitment to free speech that they all should aspire to.”

Maine GOP Chairman Demi Kouzounas applauded the University’s work for the right of students, “USM has done a great job supporting the First Amendment rights of students with all viewpoints, I appreciate President Cummings’ commitment to the freedom of his students and the safety of school.”

The event referenced in this statement is: Alien Invasion: Fixing The Immigration Crisis which will be hosted by the USM branch of Young Americans for Freedom on February 16th, 2017.


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