Maine GOP Eyes Long Term Political Shift

AUGUSTA — In the wake of Tuesday night’s victories, the Maine Republican Party is focused on a long term, fundamental shift in the state’s political makeup. Unofficial numbers indicate Governor LePage won re-election with 48 percent of the vote, Bruce Poliquin became the first newly-elected Republican representative from the state’s Second Congressional District since 1978, U.S. Senator Susan Collins won the support of nearly 70 percent of Mainers, and Republicans took control of the State Senate while gaining at least 10 seats in the State House of Representatives.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results of last night’s election, but our attention is now turned toward maintaining a long-term, sustainable Republican majority in Maine,” said Maine Republican Party Chairman Richard Bennett. “Coupled with similar wins in 2010, it is becoming clear that Mainers have had enough of 30-40 years of liberal politicians controlling the state’s legislature and governorship.”

Over the past few years, Maine Republicans have sought to shape public opinion rather than respond to it, from welfare reform to Medicaid expansion.

In 2014, the Maine Republican Party built a modern voter turnout infrastructure which it used to identify supporters of all parties, helping them to vote early and turning them out on election day with remarkable efficiency.

“We beat the Democrats at their own game and we will replicate and expand upon our efforts in every election cycle from now on,” added Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage. “I thank the thousands of amazing volunteers who drove this effort. With their help and with continued improvements to our technology and methods, Republicans will be able to turn our ideas for job creation, welfare reform, and fiscal responsibility into a reality for years and even decades to come.”

“I congratulate Bruce Poliquin on his stunning victory and look forward to seeing him take Washington by storm to grow Maine’s economy and bring accountability to the federal government,” added Chairman Bennett. “House Republican Leader Ken Fredette and Senate Republican Leader Mike Thibodeau did a magnificent job recruiting and supporting winning candidates, and Senator Collins proved once again that she is one of the most beloved politicians in Maine history.”


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