Maine GOP Chair Applauds Androscoggin County Resolution On House Ethics

Maine GOP Chair Demi Kouzounas applauded the actions of Androscoggin County Republican Committee, “It is heartening to see so many groups taking a stance against this unethical and possibly unlawful behavior by Representative Tipping.

“Unfortunately, it seems that the House Democratic Caucus would rather turn a blind eye to the unethical actions of their own Representatives than actually stand up for something bigger than party lines and hold Rep. Tipping accountable.

“This scandal has reached a level to where it can affect Democrat legislators across the state, as well as the general public’s perception of our Representatives in Augusta. I challenge Speaker Gideon and her caucus to do the right thing, take a stand and put an end to this behavior.”

The Androscoggin County Republican Committee released the following statement in response to the Representative Ryan Tipping scandal:

“The Androscoggin County Republican Committee, as do most citizens of Maine, believe that those we elect to represent us the local, state and national level must adhere to the basic tenants of honesty, integrity and ethical behavior.

Unfortunately there are some holding elected office who appear to place little to no value on those basic principles. This appears to be the case with Representative Ryan Tipping. His actions demonstrate a lack of integrity and ethical behavior. He refuses to acknowledge, or apparently to even recognize, that his position as Chairman of the Taxation Committee presents a clear conflict of interest given that he was a paid operative of the Yes on 2 group.

The resolution adopted by the Androscoggin County Republican Committee expresses our concerns and expected behavior by both Representative Tipping and House Speaker Sara Gideon.

We feel that both Tipping and Gideon have violated the public’s trust which is wholly unacceptable.”

​The adopted resolution states:

“The Androscoggin County Republican Committee calls upon State Representative Ryan Tipping, Democrat of Orono, to immediately step down as Chairman of the Taxation Committee. We call for this action in light of the clear and apparent conflict of interest caused by Representative Tipping holding this position. We also call upon Speaker of the Maine House, Sara Gideon (D- Freeport) to immediately call upon the House Ethics Committee to conduct a full investigation into Representative Tipping’s ethics violations and possible violation of Maine law. We call upon Speaker Gideon and the House Democrat Caucus to cease and desist in their efforts to cover up these violations by Representative Tipping and to allow a full investigation by the House Ethics Committee.”


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