Maine GOP calls On Emily Cain to return $250k Wells Fargo Support From Hillary Clinton

Press Release
For Immediate Release: 10/17/2016
Contact: Nina McLaughlin nina@mainegop.com

Maine GOP calls On Emily Cain to return $250k Wells Fargo Support From Hillary Clinton

Emily Cain viciously attacked Bruce Poliquin weeks ago for donating a $2,000 contribution from Wells Fargo to charity, now reported to be beneficiary of $250k from candidate who received $250k from Wells Fargo
AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party is calling on Emily Cain to return or refuse the reported $250,000 support of Hillary Clinton in light of her recent statements regarding Wells Fargo and her opponent.

​Just weeks ago, Emily Cain attacked Bruce Poliquin for holding the CEO of Wells Fargo accountable in a Congressional hearing, and criticized him for a $2,000 contribution which Congressman Poliquin’s campaign had received from the company, but then donated to charity.

This morning, news broke that Emily Cain will be the beneficiary of $250,000 in campaign support from Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who has received $250,000 in contributions from Wells Fargo.

“Here again, Emily Cain’s hypocrisy and big-money political games are exposed,” said Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage. “Emily Cain was eager to attack Congressman Poliquin over a donation that he is giving to charity, but Emily Cain said nothing about Hillary Clinton cashing in for a quarter-million dollars from Wells Fargo. Now we know why – she was waiting for some of it to flow back to her.”

“We call on Emily Cain to live up to the standard Bruce Poliquin set, and return this money, or refuse it. The people of Maine are watching, and waiting, for Emily Cain to live up to the standard she set for her opponent just weeks ago,” concluded Jason Savage.


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