MAINE DESERVES ANSWERS: Was Sara Gideon lounging poolside at a resort while Mainers need help?

Unbelievable photo appears to show Gideon enjoying a relaxing 94th day of vacation

photo posted on Twitter appears to show Speaker Sara Gideon lounging by the poolside at a resort in Bar Harbor on Friday, according to the Tweet.

Friday was the 94th day of Speaker Gideon’s self-created vacation following her move to adjourn the Legislature on March 17.

Mainers deserve a direct answer: Was Speaker Gideon lounging by the pool on Friday instead of working?

If this is true, it is an epic slap in the face to the people she is supposed to be serving. While thousands still struggle with Maine’s broken unemployment system, and while Maine’s businesses are trying desperately to stay afloat, the idea that one of our highest-ranking elected officials is sitting by the pool during a workday is an insult of the highest magnitude.

Since Gideon adjourned the Legislature, Maine has faced a health and economic crisis and she has truly failed to step up and help Mainers in need. In particular, Gideon has refused to bring the Legislature back into session to address Maine’s collapsing unemployment system.

This Thursday will mark 100 days since Gideon adjourned the Legislature – a clear record of inaction during a crisis.



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