Lawsuit Victory in Defense of Maine Election Integrity

AUGUSTA– Maine GOP Chair Demi Kouzounas issued the following statement on today’s Maine Superior Court Decision:

“Maine’s laws on absentee voting have been clear for generations, attempting to change the rules less five weeks out from a Presidential Election is simply the Democrats’ latest in a long line of attempts to erode away our rights as voters by instituting the elimination of voter identification requirements for voter registration and allowing practices like “ballot harvesting” in Maine. Other attempted changes were the elimination of identification requirements, allowing ballots to come in after election day, and allowing online voter registration without identification.”
Kouzounas continued, “at Maine GOP we don’t believe in making voting harder for Americans, but we do believe in securing the vote for all Americans, and protecting our right to a fair election.

“Today’s decision is another victory against Democrats’ ploy to chip away at the integrity of our elections, and we have a message for any group that wants to undermine our voting rights: we will fight back, and we will win.


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