Janet Mills Doubles Down On Tax-and-Spend Politics

AUGUSTA – Maine Republican Party Executive Director, Jason Savage, issued the following statement following Janet Mills’ State of the State Address:

“Tonight, Governor Janet Mills echoed the same tax and spend policies she has pushed since she took office. Taxpayers of Maine are at the back of the line in Governor Janet Mills’ agenda.

There is a reason Janet Mills is the 7th least popular governor in the country. Instead of focusing on issues that will better the lives of everyday Mainers, Janet has prioritized special interests and pet projects. Maine’s roads are crumbling, our elderly care centers are under-funded, and Maine citizens in desperate need of assistance are stuck on waiting lists behind non-citizens, all while Janet builds solar panels and charging stations for electric cars. It’s sad that we are facing increases to the gas tax a year after Janet Mills blew through hundreds of millions in new spending while ignoring our roads.

Simply put, Janet Mills’ and Sara Gideon’s vision for Maine does not offer a bright future. It offers less freedom, less opportunity and more big government. The Janet Mills agenda is politics first, Maine people last.”



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