House Candidate Running to Replace Sara Gideon Makes National News

Dem Candidate in Gideon’s backyard created “abusive” workplace at Sexual Statement from Maine House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham on the Bangor Daily News Article:

‘Maine House candidate fostered a ‘hostile’ workplace at sexual assault agency, former staff say’

“We should expect candidates running for the Maine legislature to be people who conduct themselves in a civil, respectful, and professional manner.  That is what citizens should expect from their Representatives” House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham said. “The severe budget crisis brought on by overspending and then the pandemic, will require everyone elected this Fall to be able to work together in a respectful, professional environment without bullying and workplace hostility.

We will need to be able to work together to help create and support legislation that will aide in our economic recovery.  It is concerning to read that the democrat candidate from Freeport has a history that runs counter to these principles while working for the Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine.  

Creating a work environment where employees feel unsafe and harassed by any individual in an authority and supervisory role should not be tolerated.  To make a statement that dismisses her former employees concerns as being purely political demonstrates a lack of awareness and remorse for her actions and I would be concerned for the non-partisan staff that would have to work with the candidate should she be successful in her campaign.  

Democrat Leadership and the Democrat party should consider withdrawing their support for this candidate.”

Kathleen RJ Dillingham
Maine House Republican Leader

State Representative
District 72 – Mechanic Falls, Otisfield, Oxford


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