Gideon Wants to Pack the Court

AUGUSTA– Maine Republican Party Chair, Dr. Demi Kouzounas, issued the following statement after the conclusion of tonight’s U.S. Senate Debate:

“Tonight highlighted the sharp contrast between Senator Susan Collins’ and Sara Gideon’s records,” said Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “While Collins has never missed a day of work or missed a vote, Sara Gideon took 8 months off to raise 64 million dollars for her Senate campaign, all while leaving Mainers in the lurch in the midst of a pandemic.”

“While many people have become numb to the regurgitated talking points coming from Sara Gideon, tonight’s exchange over packing the court should concern every Mainer. Sara Gideon’s willingness to pack the court is radical and dangerous and is just another reason Mainers should reject Sara at the ballot box on November 3rd.”

“Throughout her career, Susan Collins has delivered for the people of Maine. From Kittery to Fort Kent, from Eastport to Eustis, there is not a single town that has not benefited from Senator Collins’ tireless advocacy for the people of Maine. Maine cannot afford to lose Susan Collins. From cutting taxes, to bolstering Maine’s historic industries, to saving over 240,000 jobs during the pandemic, and saving our small businesses, the choice is clear: Maine needs Susan Collins.”



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