Back to Bankruptcy: Maine Dems Sham “Majority” Budget


The Maine Legislature is about to pass a new state budget. Sounds great right?


While Janet Mills and the Democrats in Augusta plan to soon be on the news touting their passage of a budget so early in the year, it is not because they believe in good governance. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Janet Mills’ and Maine Democrats provided only a one-page budget with no line items to Republicans so that Mainers have no idea how they plan on spending your money.

Because the Democrats will be passing their “partisan budget” on a party line vote so early in the year, it requires the State Legislature to adjourn for the remainder of the session. Great right?


Democrats will be passing their budget prior to any revenue reports or committee hearings. This means that Mainers will have no understanding of how this budget impacts the state and no Mainers will be able to have their voice heard.

This partisan budget is simply a partisan procedural move by Democrats to push even more massive spending all while locking in Janet Mills’ “emergency powers” and ignoring the massive problems state restrictions are creating.

This means that once again, Democrats are deliberately ensuring you have absolutely no voice in Augusta.

Let’s not forget, Republicans were proposing a $10,200 income tax deduction for virtually all Mainers to match the deduction provided for those who received unemployment last year. If you worked through the pandemic, shouldn’t you get equal tax treatment to someone who did not?

By passing this partisan majority budget, Democrats are telling working Mainers they don’t care about them and they won’t give them that deduction – plain and simple. No tax relief, even if you worked straight through Covid serving your fellow Mainers – Democrats don’t care. In fact, Democrats will be adding new taxes including a $10 million Netflix and streaming tax.

You may be thinking this also means that Augusta can’t spend (waste) any more of your tax dollars, right?

You guessed it. WRONG AGAIN.

Passing the budget DOES NOT mean that all spending will be included in the budget. In fact, the Democrats will just put their other outrageous pet project spending bills on hold for a few months until the revenue report comes out. Once the report comes out, they will once again pile on more spending using every last tax payer dollar they can get their hands onBecause these votes will not be a budget vote, they only need a simple majority, clearing the way for unlimited spending increases.

The bottom line: By passing a full budget so early in the session, Janet Mills and the Democrats lock down Janet Mills unilateral power over our state, take away your voice, and give themselves an opportunity for massive spending increases in the future where they see fit.

Let’s be clear – our schools are still not fully reopened and parents are trying to juggle work while being teachers too.

Working people and small business owners are still suffering.

Governor Janet Mills is still holding far too much power.

Mainers who worked on the front lines during the worst of COVID will be denied the same tax treatment as those who were unemployed. And so many more things that must be understood about this budget will be lost due to the partisan move by Democrats.

Don’t ever let them claim to want to be “bipartisan” again – that is a lie.

Republicans in the State House are fighting back hard, but they can not do it alone. Maine needs you to make your voice heard. Share this information with your friends and contact your State Representative HERE.

As we have seen over and over, public outcry and fear of losing their power is the only thing Democrats respond to. They certainly are not interested in doing the right thing for the sake of the Maine people.

Make your voice heard NOW before it is too late.



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