Where’s Bruce Poliquin? Working his butt off…

Maybe Planned Parenthood should just go back to writing catchy chants for teenagers in pink vagina hats.

Last week, the extreme liberals in Planned Parenthood’s political action wing thought they were fooling people by pulling a “where’s Bruce” stunt on Congressman Bruce Poliquin at his Bangor office to suggest he was hiding somewhere.

This absurd stunt backfired when a reporter happened to tweet that Congressman Poliquin was in fact, in Bangor, meeting with a group of people on how to fix flood insurance issues that Maine faces, particularly this time of year.

The taunting “where’s Bruce” tweet from the extreme liberal organization appeared literally within seconds of the reporter’s tweet that Bruce was working hard for his constituents.

Since the radical liberals at Planned Parenthood have been trying to create this false narrative for a while now, I thought I’d put together a quick post to show where Bruce was when they were pretending he couldn’t be found.

Our Congressman certainly has not been hiding.

April 14th: Interview in studio with George Hale & Ric Tyler on the GHRT Show in Bangor. Covered live on air WVOM 4/14/17.

April 14th: Visited Houlton ACAP Center. Covered by WABI on 4/14/17.

April 15th: Caribou Farm of Hope Grand Opening. Covered by WAGM TV on 4/19/17.

April 17th: Planned Parenthood tweets “Where’s Bruce”, and says they are sending a search party out…

April 17th: Congressman Poliquin working with Twin Rivers Paper in Madawaska, working on helping the mill. Covered by WAGM News Source 8 on the 6 pm news on 4/17/17.

April 17th: Congressman Poliquin visits several Auburn businesses, meets with owners and employees about what needs to be done to help them. Covered by WFVX/FOX on the evening news 4/17/17

April 18th: Congressman Poliquin touring paper mill in Dixfield, to gauge operation’s needs. Covered by Lewiston Sun Journal, Rumford Falls Times on 4/18/17

April 18th: Congressman Poliquin spends time with Scouts in Augusta on Scount recognition day, focused on instilling leadership qualities in Maine’s youth. Covered by WABI on 4/18/17.

April 20th: Planned Parenthood publishes series of tweets asking again “Where’s Bruce?” as if he is hiding.

April 20th: In same time frame, reporter tweets that Congressman Poliquin is attending a flood insurance round table meeting. Covered by WABI on 4/20/17.

April 20th: Congressman Poliquin spends afternoon with Penobscot County Sheriff Troy Morton, working on what can be done to help Penobscot County, specifically on the drug crisis. Covered by WVII on 4/20/17.

There you go Planned Parenthood operatives…

Bruce has been doing his job, which is to work for the people of his district, and not playing your petty games.

So here’s my question to you-

While Bruce is in his district working for the people he represents, where are you? Last we checked there wasn’t even a Planned Parenthood Health Center anywhere in Congressman Poliquin’s district.


-Nina McLaughlin, Communications Director


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