Super Tuesday questions

Where do Sara Gideon and others stand on the Democrat Presidential primary?

Good Afternoon,

With Super Tuesday bearing down on us here in Maine, it’s time for Sara Gideon, Betsy Sweet and Ross Lajeunesse to provide voters with some simple answers related to the Democratic Presidential primary on Tuesday.

We know that virtually every day, Republicans are asked to comment on the Presidential election. We get it, the story is compelling. But both sides of this story are compelling. Have you been watching this Democratic Party contest?

For all the press they have received, we can’t find a single mention of Sara Gideon’s position on the Democratic Presidential Primary.

Betsy Sweet thanked the NRSC on Twitter for linking her to AOC, Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar. That’s something, sort of… right? This is all we’ve got. Maybe she can add to that?

On Ross Lajeunesse, well, we don’t see much of anything…

Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren have teams hitting the streets hoping to win Maine.
Michael Bloomberg has three offices and a bus here now.

Teams are out in the field, ads are on the air (and on virtually every screen you can find, thanks Bloomberg) yet nobody knows where these Democrats running for U.S. Senate really stand on the race.

Seems like they should be willing to let the good folks of Maine know something about their positions. I mean, their choice shows who they hope to work within the seat they are running for…

They’re not going to let their progressive primary opponent Bre Kidman steal their thunder as the only candidate to endorse, are they?

What will it say if Sara stays silent? If Ross wants to represent us but won’t take a position? If Betsy’s position sours voters?

Further, given Bernie Sanders’ recent defense of the regime of Fidel Castro (his Democratic opponents have been more than eager to talk about it) do the candidates here in Maine have any concerns about sharing a ticket with the self-described socialist from Vermont?

These are real, relevant questions that every Democrat running for a seat in D.C. should be answering. So we’re asking directly, with less than a week to go until Maine votes on Super Tuesday, what are they going to do about Bernie? Who do they support?

I’ll bet you a coffee and a half-hour to pick my brain that this will make for some valuable and compelling news.

Stay warm and dry in the upcoming storm!


Jason Savage
Executive Director
Maine GOP



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