Rather Than Provide Relief To Americans, Democrats Push Pet Projects

In their latest scheme, the Democrats released a new bill full of “wish list” items to continue their trend of prioritizing their agenda over critical relief for Americans. 

The Democrats’ repeated political gamesmanship throughout this crisis dates back to March, when they were caught inserting unrelated legislation in the CARES Act.

Since then, Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin has admitted that his party is exploiting this crisis as an opportunity to push their “future” political agenda. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has repeatedly said coronavirus provides an opportunity to push the Green New Deal and Nancy Pelosi let her political opportunism show when she said, “I see everything as an opportunity.”

This partisan bill outlines exactly what the Democrats plan to do with their political “opportunity.” Their plan includes $3.6 billion for increased vote-by-mail and tax relief to the wealthy in blue states. Several Democrat House members have conceded this bill “feels like little more than an effort to appease the most liberal members at the expense of relief for everyday Americans.

Bottom Line: Throughout this crisis, Democrats have been laser focused on their own political agenda rather than providing critical support to Americans.

Read more from RNC Research here.


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