Radical Golden Splits From Even Janet Mills, Sticks To Socialist MPA Friends

***The following email was sent to the press on Monday, August 27th 2018***

Members of the Press,

Did you see the Bangor Daily News today?

One article caught our eye:

“All four Maine candidates for governor say Question 1 is a bad idea”

A quick refresher, Question 1 is a ballot question funded and pushed by Jared Golden’s radical Maine People’s Alliance friends with out of state dark money to create a new program that some say is unconstitutional and even more say we can’t afford.

This ballot question is such a bad idea that EVEN JANET MILLS is a No on Question 1.

But do you know who fully supports Question 1?

Radical Jared Golden does. He even wrote an op-ed supporting the question.

There is now no doubt that Jared is not just Nancy Pelosi’s Golden Boy, he is the Golden boy of his friends at the Maine People’s Alliance as well.

Not to mention that he is the most radical candidate on the ballot this November

Jared Golden siding with the Maine People’s Alliance and not Janet Mills gives us a glimpse of how risky Jared Golden would be as a Congressman.



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