President Trump Signs Executive Order On Police Reform

Earlier today, President Trump signed a landmark executive order to creative Safe Policing for Safe Communities. By signing this order, President Trump is supporting our local police departments while modernizing best policing practices at the same time.

This executive order will create a database to monitor misconduct, promote mental healthcare for the homeless, and address addiction issues within local communities. 

Team Trump

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has a long record of supporting questionable criminal justice policies, stemming from his war on drugs to promoting police militarization. In his past, Biden voted for a program that has since sent $7.4 billion in surplus equipment from the department of defense to local police departments.   

Bottom Line: Joe Biden wants Americans to believe there is a choice between restoring law and order and uniting our country, when in fact the two go hand-in-hand, and we’re seeing President Trump do just that.

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