MORE ranked-choice problems

We have new and developing news on ranked-choice voting for you.

First, RCV supporters appear poised to try and stop the Maine Supreme Court from ruling on how many ways RCV violates the Maine Constitution.

They have now gone from ‘it is absolutely constitutional’ to ‘we don’t want to find out if it is constitutional until the state is in crisis after the election’. That is shameful.

More on that in the future…

The other important breaking development is that, although he is doing his best to move forward while the courts consider arguments against RCV, we have to oppose a new plan from Secretary of State Matt Dunlap.

It was recently revealed that Secretary Dunlap has no legal authority to send the Maine State Police out to do secure ballot transportation to complete additional rounds of counting in Augusta. 

There is no way to get ballots to Augusta securely, and it violates the Maine Constitution to count them in Augusta anyway.

In an effort to make the system work, Secretary Dunlap is proposing that he hire a ‘private courier service’ to secure and transport the ballots. We strongly oppose this, and we ask you to as well.

Further, the funding for implementing this complicated and unconstitutional mess is simply not available.

The ‘voter education’ part of the RCV budget will have to be thrown out, and funding gimmicks to borrow money from future budget years would be required just to try to make it work.

This is not to mention the burden being placed on our municipalities who now have to go rent additional machines to comply with RCV.

All in all, these developments are yet another example of why Maine should not be rushing into this complicated and unconstitutional mess.

We encourage you to contact your lawmakers here and tell them we demand a constitutional election.

No outsourcing our ballot security to a ‘courier service’ and no gimmicks and games to pretend this whole thing is going to work.

Please go here now and tell the lawmakers that represent you not to support this gimmicky, unconstitutional plan.

Even Democrats are starting to wake up to how big a mess they are about to have on their hands. Your voice matters more now than ever before.


Jason Savage
Executive Director
Maine GOP


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