Janet Mills: One TV Ad = Two Lies

Brace yourselves – a storm of dishonesty is coming.

Attorney General Janet Mills’ first television ad has not one, but two lies in it.

Lie #1: Janet Mills says Governor LePage tried to rip health care away from thousands of kids. The ad shows a young girl on screen in that part of the ad.

Truth #1: This was a proposal related to 19- and 20-year old adults, not kids. The Associated Press article Mills cites in her own ad even says that. Apparently she doesn’t think many people will fact-check her. The claim is a lie, and the young girl on screen is a deliberate misrepresentation.

Lie #2: Janet Mills says she “stopped him.” Meaning, Janet Mills is claiming she stopped the Governor from doing the thing she is lying about.

Truth #2: In the same Associated Press Article, Janet Mills said it was “not her aim to prevent the Governor, as the chief executive, from pursuing public policy initatives.” 

This is the exact opposite of what she says in the ad. Either Janet Mills was lying before, or she is lying now.

Our Attorney General has a problem with the truth.

Hopefully you will see this in the newspapers and on television, but either way, please help us spread the word by forwarding to friends and sharing on social media.


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