Illegal Polling Location Manipulation by Portland City Officials Stopped by Emergency Court Order

Superior Court puts an end to City Officials’ Attempts to Silence the Voices of Their Own Residents

PORTLAND, MAINE – The Cumberland County Superior Court has issued a temporary restraining order against City of Portland officials who attempted to silence their own voters.

Officials within the City of Portland attempted to restrict the ability for their own citizens within city polling locations to sign legal petitions, issued under the authority of the Maine Secretary of State, which would allow a referendum on the Maine ballot overturning provisions of Ranked Choice Voting.

In the last few hours an order was granted by the Cumberland County Superior Court ordering Portland City Officials to cease their signature blocking attempts and allow signatures to be gathered at the polls. 

Despite a long history in Maine of allowing groups to collect signatures at the polls for ballot referendums, Portland City officials attempted to deny this same right to Maine citizens who are working to restore one man, one vote voting in Maine; a ballot system which produced Senators like Olympia Snowe, and Margaret Chase Smith, decades of successful Governors, and winning United States Presidents of both political parties.

A rush is on to fill as many petition tables as possible to allow City residents the opportunity to exercise their right to sign.

Citizens who wish to learn more about repealing the failed, and out-of-state funded Ranked Choice Voting system thrust upon Maine can visit:

To view the Superior Court TRO, click here.



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