ICYMI: It’s the Greatest Comeback Story Ever Written

Last night, President Trump’s leadership was on full display as he, Vice President Pence, and Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin spoke directly to the American people about the administration’s next steps in the fight to flatten the coronavirus curve.

Taking questions from every day Americans in states like Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Florida, President Trump spoke on a wide range of issues which included getting Americans back to work, ways to kick-start the economy, and measures currently being taken to combat the coronavirus.  

The Trump campaign also released a new ad walking us through the greatest comeback story ever written. From Sacramento to Albany, President Trump has worked tirelessly to tackle the coronavirus head on – receiving bipartisan praise for his efforts. In highlighting the strength of the American people, including front line workers, the campaign reaffirmed the president’s commitment to re-opening America and rebuilding the world’s greatest economy.

Bottom Line: In launching the fight to combat the coronavirus, President Trump has repeatedly shown that his commitment, first and foremost, is to the American people. Through bold and decisive leadership, America is winning the war against the coronavirus and is in a good position to get America back on track.



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