Biden Rakes in $$ from Hollywood High Rollers Hell Bent on Defunding the Police

oday, Joe Biden is set to attend a fundraiser with high-rolling Hollywood elites instead of reaching out to hardworking Americans who, unlike him and his famous friends, can’t afford their own security detail for protection.

Biden will likely be joining the bandwagon on the latest liberal litmus test after today’s fundraiser— hosted by John Legend and Barbara Streisand—who have made their positions on defunding the police very clear.

Legend fully intends to put pressure on Biden and push him towards defunding law enforcement and other far left positions.

Bottom Line: They say that you’re the company you keep. For Joe Biden, that means out-of-touch, radical Hollywood liberals who support defunding the police and the elimination of law and order across the country. It’s only a matter of time until he takes the plunge.



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