Biden briefly surfaces as Trump continues to lead

Joe Biden’s handlers are letting him leave his basement for a roundtable on COVID-19 and how to reopen in Philadelphia today. Democrats around the country must be terrified — as former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was caught saying last weekend, Democrats “prefer” that Biden stay safely out of sight, so as not to add to his famous list of insensitive, awkward comments.

A Biden gaffe is certainly more likely than any mention of President Trump’s great American comeback, evidenced by last month’s stunning job report.

CNBC, 06/05

Despite “experts” predicting dire losses of up to 8.5 million jobs, President Trump beat expectations once again: the month of May saw gains of 2.5 million jobs and a sharp plunge in the unemployment rate. As America begins to re-open and re-build from the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump is leading the way, setting our nation on a path of growth and building the world’s greatest economy for a second time.

Portland Press Herald 6/11

Bottom Line: Biden can hide in his basement or scare his fellow Democrats by venturing outside. It doesn’t matter: either way, President Trump is actually in the arena and already leading the greatest comeback in American history.



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