America is Bouncing Back

Despite the fact many experts predicted severe job losses this month, America is already starting to bounce back thanks to President Trump’s leadership.

President Trump has taken every possible step, including efforts like the Paycheck Protection Program, to protect the American economy. This month’s jobs report proves that his work is paying off.

In May, 2.5 million jobs were added, far better than the predicted jobs loss of 7.5 million. In fact, several important industries saw gains in their workforce, including:

  • Manufacturing: 225,000
  • Restaurants: 1.4 million
  • Construction: 464,000
  • Health: 312,000
  • Business: 127,000
  • Retail: 368,000

Bottom Line: President Trump’s efforts to jumpstart the economy are blowing away expectations. Americans are more confident than ever that the worst of the economic crisis caused by coronavirus is behind us, and are excited for four more years of his strong economic leadership.

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