5/17/2019: Political Plants – Washington County Republicans

Political Plants have life to give, liberty that breathes freedom, property that is fruitful. The Washington County Republicans will be cultivating these values at their May 17, 6:30 event. Meeting at Wicked Green Farm, 238 Main Street, Calais, Butch Moore, SAM board director will be leading a discussion on bills affecting Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights and hunting rights. Also, bring fingerfoods to share and a chair!

4/13/2019: Washington County Republican Committee

“East Meets West” Event! On Saturday, April 13, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. at Elm Street School, East Machias, Kathleen Dillingham, from Oxford County will join the Washington County Republicans to share about her knowledge after 18 years of serving Maine’s citizens in various positions in Augusta and now has the honor of being House minority leader. Come learn about her goals and the work of candidate recruitment and training from a Legislative perspective.

3/16/2019: Potpourri Workshop Event

We have many items to learn about and take action on at this month’s meeting. A presentation by Mike Lawson on the Electoral College; Discussion with our Legislators; Three business items; Presentation of Kate Ikhsanova, State GOP Finance Director’s ideas on fund-raising; Dime Drive Collector will be there!; “Brilliant Ideas” activity, and a few other ideas will round out our Potpourri Event! Come join us!

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