In 2010, Maine voters gave Republicans control of the Legislature and the Governor’s Office. Soon after, they enacted the largest tax cuts in our state’s history and removed burdensome restrictions from businesses to spur economic growth. Women across Maine took advantage of this new pro-business environment and helped bring about the most prosperous period in Maine history. Their achievements over the past several years have been remarkable.

Maine Leads the Nation for Women’s Equality in the Workplace and Politics

An August 2019 survey by WalletHub ranked Maine best in the nation for women. (Read More)

Maine Leads the Nation in Reducing Child Poverty

There has been a “steep decline” in child poverty with 15,000 fewer children living in poverty today. From 2016-17, the largest drop in the country. (Read more)

Maine Leads the Nation in Women’s Business Earnings

Maine led the nation in the growth in earnings by women-owned businesses from 2012-2018. (Read More)

Maine Leads the Nation in Wage Growth

Wage growth among Maine workers, including women, led the nation from 2012 through 2015. (Read More)

Maine Leads the Nation in Economic Vitality for Women

A study by American Express rated Maine the best state in the U.S. for growth by earnings and number of employees between 2014 and 2019. (Read More)

Maine is Second in the Nation for Women’s Access to Capital

According to Forbes magazine in 2019, only South Dakota provides better access. (Read More)

Maine Leads the Nation in Equality

A 2017 U.S. News & World Report study ranked Maine best for gender parity. (Read More)

Maine's Gender Wage Gap Narrowed Six Times Faster Under Republicans

Under Republicans Maine’s Gender Wage Gap narrowed six times faster under Governor Paul LePage and Republicans than under Governor Baldacci and Democrats. (Read More)

The Gender Pay Gap Has Narrowed

Maine’s Gender Pay Gap Narrowed Six Times Faster Under Republicans Than Under Democrats

Under Democrats: - 1%

Under Republicans: - 6%

If you believe that the best way to ensure women succeed is through a stronger economy where opportunity abounds and women are able to pursue the American Dream, please sign on to support the our efforts.

We have a proven track record, shown in the improvements listed above, that shows a stronger Maine and American economy has and will continue to create nearly boundless opportunities for women to succeed.

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