Republican Wins In Municipal Elections Aided By Maine GOP

Across the state, Republicans won targeted local seats

AUGUSTA – Following a highly successful evening in targeted local elections, Maine GOP Chair Doctor Demi Kouzounas and Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage released the following statement.

“Now more than ever, it is critical that the good people of Maine fight to take back control of their local school boards and town councils,” said Doctor Kouzouas. “Last night is a testament that hard work, common sense and traditional values can, and will, win in Maine.”

“Our award-winning get-out-the-vote team worked hard in targeted races up and down the state to ensure voters turned out to reclaim their power at the local level,” said Jason Savage.

In races the Maine GOP targeted, the endorsed candidate won more than 85% of the time.

“This Maine GOP team does not exist only to win races for US Senate or Governor, but to assist all Republicans up and down the ticket. This party belongs to all of us. We must never lose sight of that, and we all need to work to stand up to the radical agenda of the left. Our children and our future depend on it,” said Doctor Kouzounas.

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