Power Hungry Dems Strip Republicans of Committee Assignments

Democrats to replace removed Republican legislators

AUGUSTA, ME — Maine Republican Party Executive Director, Jason Savage, released the following statement regarding Republican legislators being stripped of their of committee assignments for not wearing masks in the Maine State House:

“Someone may want to tell Speaker Ryan Fecteau that all Mainers have a right to a voice in Augusta, not just the ones who agree with him,” said Executive Director Jason Savage. “It is absolutely abhorrent that Maine Democrats would strip Republican communities of their voice in Augusta simply for showing up to work and doing their job.”

“Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Democrats have done everything they can to maintain complete control over our state. From blocking public input, to forcing mandates on Mainers, to shutting down our state, the people of Maine have had no voice. Now, just as they began to regain their voice in Augusta, Democrats have blocked dozens of Maine communities out of the political process, all over petty political games.”

“Mainers have a right to be heard and represented in Augusta, and that voice shouldn’t be removed simply for asking questions or opposing someone’s views. Speaker Ryan Fecteau and the Democrats in the State House should be embarrassed.”

Contact Speaker Ryan Fecteau NOW and tell him to restore these Republicans back to their committees.




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