Pelosi’s Golden Boy Caves Again

The bad hits just keep on coming for Nancy Pelosi’s Golden Boy Jared Golden.

Last week, Jared laughed about the Taliban taking the U.S. Embassy. Now, he caved to Pelosi’s strongarmingbribery, and dictatorial tacticsvoting for her $3.5 trillion socialist spending spree that will raise taxes on working families while driving up the cost of everyday goods.

Golden previously promised he wouldn’t support the budget if the infrastructure plan hadn’t passed the House first – which it hasn’t.

Jared Golden has made a career of saying one thing and doing another. He says he doesn’t support Nancy Pelosi, but votes with her 84% of the time

Get ready for Golden’s media tour where he will try to spin his disastrous month. He will tell you that Pelosi’s $3.5 TRILLION out-of-control spending spree is good for Maine. It isn’t.

He will tell you that he is a moderate. He isn’t.

He will tell you laughing about the Taliban taking the U.S. Embassy was taken out of context. It wasn’t.

It’s all a show with Jared Golden. Don’t buy it. Hold the Democrats Golden Boy accountable.


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