NEW: Maine People’s Alliance, MECEP used federal taxpayer money to pay more than 40 campaign workers

Clear case of corruption at Maine dark money groups deeply involved with electing Maine Dems

AUGUSTA, ME — New federal data reveals that partisan progressive groups in Maine received federal Paycheck Protection Program money while they engaged in electioneering on both federal and state races.

The disclosures make clear that hardcore progressive dark money groups were using federal taxpayer money to pay their staffers to help elect Democrats from local legislative seats to the US Senate race.


In addition, both groups railed against the Paycheck Protection Program, organizing events and spreading false information to discourage participation in the program. Of course, neither group disclosed that they were literally funding their entire staff with funds from the same program. Sheer hypocrisy.

The Maine Republican Party calls on Cumberland County District Attorney Jonathan Sahrbeck, Kennebec County District Attorney Maegan Maloney, and the Maine Ethics Commission to investigate this matter right away.

Beneficiaries of MECEP and MPA assistance, including Democratic leadership and other state house candidates, are now party to a scheme that redirected taxpayer dollars meant for struggling businesses to an elaborate partisan campaign apparatus.

Statement from Maine Republican Party Chair, Dr. Demi Kouzounas:

“Recent ethics filings bring to light what we’ve always known,” said Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “Democrats will do anything and say anything in order to win an election. For the past several years, Democrats have been creating a massive dark-money electioneering apparatus to spread disinformation, including coordinating with so-called ‘non profits’ in the hopes to legitimize their efforts and confuse voters. This behavior is certainly unethical and possibly criminal, and should be investigated right away.”


Maine Center for Economic Policy, a progressive special interest dark money group that frequently attacks Republicans, received $100,000 in Paycheck Protection Program funding. Reports show the money was used to cover payroll for their 8 employees.

Maine People’s Resource Center, an arm of the Maine People’s Alliance, received $234,800 in PPP funding. MPA, MPRC, and the Maine Small Business Coalition are all arms of the same advocacy group, which shares an office and are integral components of the Maine Democratic election apparatus. Reports show they used federal money to pay the salaries of 38 employees during the height of the 2020 elections.



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