Maine’s Dem Delegation Wants Your Tax Dollars to Fund Their Campaigns

D.C. Democrats are pushing a dangerous bill that could greatly compromise the integrity of our elections. H.R. 1, which is co-sponsored by Maine’s very own Jared Golden, federalizes and micromanages the election process, imposing unnecessary and unconstitutional mandates on the states. Furthermore, the bill would reverse the decentralization of our elections, turning our state control over to the federal government.

Maine has one of the strongest and safest elections in the country, so why do the Democrat members of our delegations want to turn control over to the federal government?

It all comes down to money.

Democrats like Jared Golden want YOU to fund their campaigns. That’s right, H.R.1 would give politicians taxpayer dollars to run their campaigns. More specifically,  for every $1 they raise, you give them $6. Your money would go to funding non-stop attack ads, swanky political events, and lawn signs. Do you want your tax dollars going to pay for high dollar lobster dinners for Democrat elites? We sure don’t.

Do not let Democrat politicians get away with stealing your money to fund their campaigns.

Do not let Democrat politicians get away with undermining the integrity of our elections.

Make your voice heard. Contact Jared GoldenChellie Pingree, and Angus King NOW to tell them to vote NO on H.R. 1.



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