Maine Republican Party Statement on Democrat Proposal to Pack the Court

AUGUSTA – Maine Republican Party Chair, Dr. Demi Kouzounas, released the following statement regarding Democrats plan to expand the court from nine justices to thirteen:

“We warned you,” said MEGOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “For over a year we have been sounding the alarm bell that Democrats would attempt to circumvent the Constitution and pack the Supreme Court. But the media never listened, and now the we are facing a Constitutional crisis.”

“Throughout the last election, Republicans warned voters that Democrats were dead-set on packing the court. Instead of covering this story, media outlets wrote the warning off as a political ploy. Now, several months after regaining power in Washington, the radical left Democrats have officially launched an effort to expand the court so they can steal the Supreme Court. This is an affront to all Americans and would fundamentally change our nation forever.”

“We cannot stand idly by and allow Democrats to destroy our country. Every Mainer needs to immediately contact Jared Golden, Angus King, and Chellie Pingree, to make your voice heard and save our Constitution.”




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