Maine GOP Statement On Unconstitutional Biden Gun Orders

AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party issued the following statement on President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional executive orders attacking law-abiding gun owners:

Maine Constitution Article 1, Section 16 reads: To keep and bear arms. “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.”

Maine’s Constitution makes this declaration of our rights as Mainers. It is a promise made to us and our children and grandchildren by those who came before them.

Joe Biden’s orders are an assault on these rights. Biden would lead us to a government registry tracking all guns and to the confiscation of guns without due process.

We are putting our elected officials in Augusta on notice – any attempt to undermine these rights will cost you in political capital now, and in the election in 2022.

We will make sure every law-abiding gun owner in your district makes you pay a heavy price at the polls.

This is a promise. Choose wisely.



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