From Chair Kouzounas: You won’t believe this Falmouth school board candidate

You’re not going to believe this one. I can’t believe it myself. As a mother and grandmother, I’m shocked. Warning: graphic content below.

Sara Juli is a Democrat candidate for the Falmouth school board, and Falmouth voters need to know how deeply unqualified she is to be working with your kids.

She’s on the June 14 ballot along with two strong Republicans, Scott Booth and Emily Hinman. Please vote for Hinman and Booth over Juli — keep reading to see why.

School Board Candidate Juli has a show called “Sara Juli’s Tense Vagina.” As you can see, you can buy a shirt featuring the name of her show for $22 on her website. She also publicly, graphically describes her exploits and the promotion of her show. This information (and much, much more) is all publicly available on the internet.

And here’s a video of Juli performing onstage.

Please let your friends in Falmouth know about this, and make sure they vote FOR Scott Booth and Emily Hinman instead.
And please, please do your research on all school board candidates!



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