Here are the Dems who supported the pet food tax hike

Today, the RSLC released a video about the pet food tax hike that Augusta Democrats passed.

There are a number of Democrats who voted for this tax hike that are running for office again.

Democrat Senate candidates who voted for the pet food tax hike:
Troy Jackson

Nicole Grohoski

Joe Baldacci

Chip Curry

Pinny Beebe-Center

Craig Hickman

Eloise Vitelli

Teresa Pierce

Ben Chipman

Anne Carney

Stacy Brenner

Donna Bailey

Mark Lawrence

Democrat House candidates who voted for the pet food tax hike:

David McCrea

Anne Perry

Lynne Williams

Kevin O’Connell

Barbara Cardone

Laura Supica

Amy Roeder

Joe Perry

Laurie Osher

Jim Dill

Richard Evans

Janice Dodge

Stanley Ziegler

Vicky Doudera

Valli Geiger

Ann Matlack

Sean Paulhus

Seth Berry

Tavis Hasenfus

Reagan LaRochelle

Colleen Madigan

Bruce White

Jessica Fay

Margaret Craven

Kristen Cloutier

Maureen Terry

Jim Boyle

Stephen Moriarty

Ed Crockett

Grayson Lookner

Ben Collings

Michael Brennan

Sam Zager

Rachel Talbot Ross

Victoria Morales

Christopher Kessler

Lois Reckitt

Sophia Warren

Morgan Rielly

Suzanne Salisbury

Maggie O’Neil

Lynn Copeland

Lori Gramlich

Eric Sheehan

Traci Gere

Tiffany Roberts

Michele Meyer



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