Dems Continue Janet Mills’ Complete Control

For nearly a year, Janet Mills has unilaterally ruled the State of Maine, with Democrats claiming that only Janet Mills has the ability to guide our state through this pandemic.

Now, as businesses are shuttered because of overburdensome lockdowns with regulations changing as quickly as the Maine weather, our state is on the verge of a dangerous economic collapse.

Prior to yesterday, the full Legislature has convened only once since March 17, 2020, on December 2, 2020, to be sworn-in. Since December 2, the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House have had sole control over when the Legislature meets in person.

During this past year, you have had no way to make your voice heard. There have been no public hearings. Your local legislators have not been able to be your voice in Augusta. Janet Mills has complete control over every aspect of the Maine government.

While the Democrats have coward to the Governor, Republicans have been working hard to remove this control and return the power back to the people, bringing fourth a joint resolution(H.P. 596) offered by Rep. Peter Lyford (R-Eddington) to Terminate the State of Emergency Proclaimed by the Governor. The measure is the latest in a series of efforts by House Republicans to involve the legislature and the public in COVID-related decisions.

However, the vote failed along party lines, with Democrats blocking the measure.

Assistant House Republican Leader Joel Stetkis (R-Canaan) had this to say on the issue: “It’s time to return to our Constituents their Constitutionally guaranteed Right of Representation in their government by supporting this resolution. Returning the checks and balances to their Government, by them once again having the ability to express their opinion on proposed rules, regulations or laws that we all will ultimately have to live under and pay for. For several weeks now we have been doing the peoples business with proposed bills and committee hearings. There is no longer a reason for the Chief Executive to have to act alone to implement new rules or regulations to deal with the pandemic, we are in session and we are here today assembled to do the people’s business.”

Are you tired of not having your voice heard and Democrats allowing Janet Mills to continue to rule our state without checks and balances? Contact your local State Representative NOW and tell them to terminate the State of Emergency proclaimed Janet Mills.



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