Collins Schools Sara Again

AUGUSTA– Maine Republican Party Chair, Dr. Demi Kouzounas, issued the following statement after the conclusion of tonight’s U.S. Senate Debate:

“As she has throughout the race, Senator Collins has shown that her knowledge of Maine and it’s people is unparalleled,” said Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “While Sara Gideon regurgitates D.C. talking points, she has no clear vision for Maine or realistic examples of how she will help our communities.”

“There isn’t a town in Maine that hasn’t been positively impacted by Senator Collins’ tireless advocacy. Whenever Mainers have an issue, or are in need of assistance, Senator Collins jumps into action to save the day. Senator Collins doesn’t represent special interests, she represents us. She speaks for our shipyard workers, our farmers, our fishermen, and has delivered historic victories to our state.”

“While Collins works for Mainers, Gideon has proven to be nothing but an empty suit pushing D.C. special interests. From supporting a 40 cent per gallon gas and heating oil tax, to embracing the Green New Deal, and campaigning with Defund the Police groups, Gideon has shown that she stands with the most extreme of her party, not everyday Mainers.”

“Collins is from here and for us. She has earned the vote of Mainers, and I look forward to her serving another term in the United States Senate.”



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