Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?

Another day of silence from Janet Mills on Governor Cuomo. She hasn’t answered us yet, has she answered you?

While Janet Mills keeps quiet to not upset her Democrat bosses so she can maintain her out-of-state funding from New York, 12 other DEMOCRAT U.S. House members have called for his resignation.

While the Maine press gives Janet a pass on the issue, let’s get you up to speed.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, the media darling out of New York, has had a very bad monthFrom several credible sexual harassment and assault allegations, to covering up nursing home deaths from COVID for political purposes, it has become clear that Governor Cuomo is unfit to lead.

So why hasn’t Janet Mills called on him to step down as Governor, or at the very least, asked him to step down as the National Governors Association Chair?

Why is she ignoring the numerous credible accusations of sexual harassment and assault? Is it because she’s ok with covering up the death of the elderly for political purposes? We aren’t sure. That’s why we are asking.

We haven’t been able to get an answer, and the Maine media seems not to care. Let’s be real, if Cuomo was a Republican, the press would be beating down our doors demanding our condemnation.

So why don’t you ask her yourself. Go to Janet Mills’ Facebook post and ask her “Why haven’t you called on Cuomo to resign?

Maybe then she will stand up for women.


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