BREAKING: Pet food tax hike stopped in its tracks!

The Maine Democrats’ Pet Food Tax Hike bill has been recalled from Gov. Mills’ desk by legislative Democrats. Word is that the Democrats’ intent at this point is to strip out the tax hike provision…after almost every Democrat in the Legislature voted for the tax hike. Must be an election year.

Note: Gov. Mills has still not weighed in on whether she supports the tax hike or not. It’s almost like the Democrats are protecting her from having to weigh in on the tax hike. Recalling a Legislature-passed bill from the Governor’s desk is a very rare procedural move. Of course, legislative Democrats continue to push other costly policies (more on that soon!)
“For many Mainers, their pet is a rare bright spot in a tough day full of high gas prices, grocery costs, and many other stresses that Democrats have had a hand in causing,” Maine GOP executive director Jason Savage said. “Nearly every Democrat in the Legislature voted to make it more expensive for Mainers to own pets, so we know where they stand. But where does Janet Mills stand? Her party is protecting her from signing this tax hike, but she should still be forthright with voters about her position. Given the number of other cost increases she’s passed, including on health care and energy, we assume she would support this bill as well.”

Here’s today’s supplemental legislative calendar item recalling the bill from the Governor’s desk:



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