A Spending Crisis of Her Own Doing

AUGUSTA, ME– Maine Republican Party Chair, Dr. Demi Kouzounas, released the following statement regarding Janet Mills’ proposal to continue her out-of-control spending:

“Much like we’ve seen from the Maine Democrats for quite some time, Janet Mills put forth a long list of ideas with no ways to realistically pay for them,” said Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “Since she took office, Republicans have been sounding the alarm bell that Janet Mills’ spending problems are not sustainable, and now we are seeing the poor decisions of the last two years create a dangerous scenario for Maine.”

“Because of her lack of foresight and strategic planning, Janet Mills burned through every taxpayer dollar she could find, including depleting the budget surplus built by Governor LePage. Instead of saving, Janet Mills burned your money on pet projects such as putting solar panels on the Governors mansion and building electric car charging stations for out-of-staters. Now, when Maine needs the money most to help our struggling state in the midst of pandemic, we can not assist our citizens without driving the state into a dangerous debt. Every time you hear Janet Mills attempt to spin her need for more money, remember this is a crisis of her own doing.”




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